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Conversation Between Durant is hype and Hawkeye15

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  1. Not sure to tell you the truth. Obviously ESPN, or basketballreference don't do it until the following morning. I think Synergy does, but that is a pay site.
  2. Which stat site updates based on the games that just occurred,the quickest?

    I've notice some sites that take days and even weeks to update.
  3. Is there going to be a lockout next year?
  4. I was happy a new team won it. As long as the Lakers don't win, I am good.
  5. I've got to ask you a question super Mod How did you feel about this year's NBA season/playoffs?
  6. well hey there...
  7. Hey!
  8. Wow and here I was thinking he slowed down.
  9. He is at 19 straight double doubles currently. Leads the NBA in DD, and rebounding. 11th in PER, 19th in scoring, 17th in three point percentage, 12th in free throw percentage. 20.8/15.5.
  10. Hey Hawkeye I haven't followed the T'Wolves that much over the past 2 weeks,how is K-Love doing? Is he still on that double double streak?
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