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Conversation Between Durant is hype and phlp_bj

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  1. there's only 30 teams. it's not too late to sign up, but LOTS of people signed up this year. not sure if i can fit everyone in. if i can't, you'll be first on the waiting list for sure
  2. Hey...How is it going?! I was wondering if it's to late to signup for the NBA re-draft? And Is there going to be more than 30 teams?
  3. reggie evans for luke walton?
  4. idk your choice. i would personally keep jackson
  5. Me too,but does he fit my team? Because I have other players who aren't well liked such as Tmac.
  6. i personally like jackson more. think he is more versatile and can do better things. thats just me
  7. So you don't think i should trade for Josh Howard.
  8. but the amount of Jackson's hate is dramatically increased .
  9. jackson is better. howard has injuries. udrih isnt nothing special to jump around about. thanks for listening.
  10. lol no thanks then. i was thinking something around stackhouse or maybe even salmons but idk
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