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Conversation Between Durant is hype and Chronz

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  1. Which stat site updates based on the games that just occurred,the quickest?

    I've notice some sites that take days and even weeks to update.
  2. I dont see why you would need to ask, just come out with it
  3. Hey! Can I ask you something?
  4. How much you win by and how much you lose by tell you more about your team than simple wins and losses.

    In other words, PT differential/Efficiency Ratings matter, moreso than your actual W-L record.

    Over the course of an 82 game season your going to get unlucky or lucky in close games, theres just no way around it, no matter how talented/skilled/cohesive your team is, it will always lose or win a few based on the luck of the bounce, decline, slump, injury. Instead what you should measure is how your team performed in those situations.

    For example, remember the year the Mavs won 67, or the Suns won 65 or whatever, and every year the lower seeded Spurs won the title. Thats because they dont care about regular season records, the fact that they dont care doesnt stop us from knowing their talent though, and one of the reasons for that are their efficiency ratings and Pt Differential marks. You still have to dissect the #'s, but from an initial standpoint its very telling that the Spurs rated higher than all of those teams by Expected-Win-Loss record.

    So I leave you with this question, would you rather be a team thats 50-32 but with an expected winning% of a team thats 44-38? Or a team thats 44-38 with an expected winning% of a 50 win team?
  5. It doesn't matter whether you win by 2 or 20, a W is a W! Care to explain that?
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