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Conversation Between TheRuckus and The A Team

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  1. Just wanted to say congrats on the editor gig at RotoBaller, looking forward to working with you.
  2. Just applied. I know you said to downplay association with Gimmead's site, but I figure that if they liked my work there enough to link to it in the "Baseball Blogs Weigh In" feature a handful of times, it can't be too bad. Plus it's probably my most immediate and relevant experience. I did mention that I've had work published on THT and Crashburn Alley, as well as the other experience I have. So we'll see, I guess.
  3. Pimp any affiliations you have (ex. THT got me through the first stage), any publications, any daily recurring work you've done (even if it's not baseball), and avoid mentioning any particularly partisan sites you've worked for (Gimmead's site). They like the whole fair and balanced thing.

    If you can't put together a strong bio the above, you'll need to do something very creative to get their attention. And I have no advice on that.

    If you get through the first stage, they'll ask you to write an MLBTR style article for them. They may or may not provide a topic. They'll do that at least two more times. Ostensibly, they eliminate some candidates after each article request. I got through 3 rounds of articles and it took them close to a month to bother responding that I didn't get the job, so I have no idea how many more rounds there were.
  4. Figure I'll throw my hat into the ring for one of these part-time MLBTR gigs. Any tips, seeing as how you progressed to the interview stage?
  5. This is me reminding you to look over that article and suggest edits.
  6. Could be that they found someone already. These sabr editing things tend to go quickly. I'll ask if they're still taking applications
  7. Can't find the post for the copy editor gig. Know offhand who I'm supposed to be sending the application to?
  8. I did run it last year, but I'm anticipating having a job and getting laid regularly for the foreseeable future, so I doubt I'll have the time to do so again this time around. I'll let you know, though.

    Oh yeah, I'm going to shoot my resume over to THT at some point today.
  9. Were you the run who ran the MLB redraft? If so and if you're running it again this year, can you give me a heads up about a week before team selection this year. THT might be interested in fielding a team.
  10. Ok well let me know when you do
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