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Conversation Between TheRuckus and AI

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  1. We're up for anything really. Shoot me or Pittz an offer and we'll try to get something done.
  2. yo dawg i herd u liek cap space

    What kind of deal did you have in mind?
  3. And there goes my first **** up lolz. Can you delete the NL East thread? Couldn't add the poll.
  4. Yep, looks fine.
  5. Just inserted the poll, I think I did it right.
  6. Sure.
  7. Polls have always been a mystery to me. I'm going to try to post the division voting but if for some reason I fail massively at creating to the polls, can you make the threads?
  8. Ask DaSox, he's probably the one who moved it. I don't feel like wasting my time looking for it.
  9. OK, if you "didn't do it" like you say.. Then you should have no problem moving it back to the MLB Redraft Forum then, right?
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