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Conversation Between TheRuckus and koldjerky

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  1. send it in.
  2. Done
  3. Giles + $25 and I keep Franco for my team + $25.
  4. either/both
  5. me or you getting the 50?
  6. Ken Giles for your whole team plus fifty bucks.
  7. Yeah, I'm kind of mystified that I pissed so many people off with so many picks and I might not even make the playoffs. Whatev.
  8. i did no such thing sucking dicks for votes. Nice handies maybe. For pissing me off all redraft by taking picks of mine, I'm pretty sure I'm just happy about being on top at the end.
  9. Meh, neither of us is going to win anyway. Plus you sucked everyone's dick for votes and you did such a lousy job that most of them still didn't vote for you.
  10. Nanni nanni poo poo :P
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