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Conversation Between TheRuckus and JDIsMyGod23

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  1. So I figured you'd get a kick out of this... I wrote an article on the awesomeness of Jake McGee yesterday and his mom commented on it. Haha
  2. That's how ****** always kicks my ***. He manages to play four or five words at once. It's insane.
  3. I've beat my dad like half the time we've played. He's legitimately shocked how good I am. I also had a fight in Scrabble with my good friend. Basically won a game by playing HOGGER, and he refused to accept it as a word. Both games are ALL about the two-letter words and words within words. That's how you crushed me early. I had vowel city and couldn't do ****.
  4. My family takes Scrabble pretty seriously. There have been disputes that led to people legitimately not speaking to one another for days.
  5. Agreed. I hate the random throwdowns, which is why I like Scrabble a lot more. Like my HODS play last game. I knew I could make SOME four-letter "HO" or "HA" play, just didn't know what. Haha.
  6. Yeah, any weird words that I come up with I either saw someone use in another game or I just threw some tiles down and hoped it worked. Which I kind of wish it didn't let you do, takes some of the skill out of it.

    Cheating at Words is like cheating at Solitaire to me.
  7. If it's too ridiculous, I just assume you cheat. I know you are an English grad, so I know your vocab crushes mine. But it's not always about vocab.
  8. Yeah, my girlfriend won't even play Words with me.

    If you really want a challenge, try playing that ****** dude. He's ridiculous. I think I've played him three times and he's destroyed me.
  9. I enjoy having competition in WwF. Beating my GF by 200 every time loses it's meaning after awhile.
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