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Conversation Between HaruSoul and jetsforever

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  1. Haha don't really go on reddit but that's hilarious. The finger wag. Classic. Guys such an idiot.
  2. Not sure if you are a reddit guy, but figured you would enjoy a good laugh.
  3. Followed you on twitter. You are expected to follow back. Have fun at the game.
  4. Saweeet.
  5. Should be ready by tonight
  6. Phins game?
  7. Yeah word! That's what I really hate... Missing all the games at 1pm when we play at 1.
  8. I mainly brought it for the coaches film of every play, the condensed versions of the game is just a little bonus. It is nice to be able to watch any games that were on at the same time as the Jets played in 30 minutes though.
  9. Yeah I was thinking of doing the same thing. It seems like 70 dollars well worth it, especially if you got some buddies to chip in a bit.
  10. Haha, ight I'll just do that tomorrow when the new one is ready to go. If I'm paying $70 I'm putting it to good use and sharing it, I gave my login info to some of my friends, I would give it to other people, but it would probably look weird if they saw me logging in from IP's all over the country.
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