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Conversation Between mooz and YanksFan4Life

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  1. Hey hey, don't make me out to be an old man, in 2005 I was 20 as well!
  2. Well he was like the only one, so understandable. I was like the young guy, and I was 20.

    omg... was it really 8 years ago?
  3. I remember him, I did like him. Didn't even remember him being in high school. I stand corrected.
  4. I dunno, Conar7 or whatever was a HS guy, and he was pretty reasonable.
  5. Haha, yeah I remember you were in college and a few others but I don't remember any high schoolers that actually stuck around. You'd have the occasional high schooler create an account, say something ridiculous then never post again.
  6. Well I was in college when I first started (and was modding) on PSD...

    but I've always been more mature than everyone my age. It's a curse. A terrible, terrible curse.
  7. I think you hit the nail on the head, a lot younger poster community now as opposed to back then. I only remember a few posters being in college and most already in the working world. I don't remember any high schoolers.
  8. Still, the attitudes are different, a lot more posters were mature. Lots of kids in middle school now.
  9. Yeah that is true I suppose.
  10. I wonder how much of this is hindsight and wisdom. I mean, the old-old guard used to complain about the young'uns from time to time.
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