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Conversation Between RevisIsland and knicks=love

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  1. Haha I'd consider it if I didn't have a perfectly good lifetime partner in Knicks_Champ lol.
  2. haha meaning what? we should work together in a redraft
  3. Thanks, I have a feeling this won't be our last playoff meeting
  4. probably only gonna bump it one more time for my sake. congrats on the win man.
  5. you too brotha
  6. Things are getting tight as ****, just wanted to say great match up regardless of what happens.
  7. I'd rather have Webber than Rodman, but to prove my point, let's say they're even, you're essentially asking me to swap Isiah for Starbury I think I have the right to be insulted that you'd think I'd do that
  8. insulted is a strong word, but whatever.
  9. I'm legitimately insulted by that offer.
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