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Conversation Between RevisIsland and jetsforever

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  1. I'm way too lazy to do that for a sig lol.
  2. Lol why dont you just use paint to cut his name onto a number 18 jersey?
  3. Yea I know, wouldn't let me actually give him #18 (idk some rule I guess), so I had to improvise, went with his college number, and 6 looks like 8 so I figure close enough.
  4. Hey dude, just so you know... Manning isn't number 16. He's 18.
  5. I cleaned it up. Should be good.
  6. We're probably at the point in the Sanchez thread where it needs to be closed, I don't wanna say anything I'd regret, that Rangers&mets guy is just pissing the **** out of me.
  7. Go to the playoff matchups
  8. My next game is against Ramon right? If so, when is it? Just so I know when I have to get the write up in by.
  9. Good ****.
  10. Like now
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