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Conversation Between elate and jakub

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  1. Why did you quit. I enjoyed the stories you and Dan G used to tell haha
  2. What
  3. Hey man

    New Sim League Check in. Would like you to be a part.
  5. I have been talking to some of the mods over the past couple of days. I've downloaded the program and have been messing around with it. If you do not mind, I'd like to take over and try to restart this thing. I've already been given TM powers in the SIM League forum. I'd like you to stick around and play in the league despite all of this.
  6. I'd like to resign AHL RW. Ryan Flynn. My AHL roster is a bit small (hence the prospect creation I posted). I'd like a 2-way deal, 800K or less for 3 years or less.
  7. Nice, someone likes challenges
  8. Yea
  9. lol you sure?
  10. 1. Random
    2. Random
    3. Random
    4. Random
    5. Not the penguins.
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