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Conversation Between Rosh and croce_99

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  1. Get out of the Cubs forum
    Go find MJBulls and make sure he's still alive
  2. haha nice. For some reason, that reminded me of one of my favorite skits on Bob and Tom (morning radio are awake, you should listen to them)

    They are the best.
  3. But I wanna watch games again. I heard good things about this Bobby LeHaire guy.
  4. Get out of the Cubs forum, you don't post in there
  5. Hmmm looks like an issue on your end. I looked at your last 5 posts, and looked at your name at the bottom of the forum and it's still blue
    Browser issue possibly?
  6. Is it just me or are our names (you, me, Brent, MJB, Serg) not showing up as blue in the forums?
  7. Croce, seriously. What the hell is this?
  8. Damn straight.

    Love you buddy.
  9. I don't use those crazy I guess I'm in the 'other' group.

    I knew I was an idiot, but not a COMPLETE idiot
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