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Conversation Between Rosh and kozelkid

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  1. Damn Kozy. I'm bored.
  2. Maybe we should have an official Howard thread? Badluck made a good thread, so maybe you wanna rename it to that?
    Also, Str1fe has been mentioning in a lot of the other spec. threads to move to the trade ideas thread. Not a bad idea...
  3. Ask advice from KH12 maybe?
  4. I've never ran it before. I'll have to go back and look at the old ones to see what the structure was.
  5. I was wondering if you would be willing along with KBG to organize the free agent game where we send our ideas for what we want to happen and vote on it.
  6. Job, EMT classes, internship/shadowing at the hospital. Gotta start building that resume up already if I want to go to med school.
  7. Bastard! Why's that?

  8. It's more because I'm back from college. We'll see. I'll definitely be more frequent than during the school year, but my activity will likely decrease a bit in a week or 2.
  9. I see you posting with more frequency. Your *** better be back for this summer, *****.
  10. College, man. Never have time.
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