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Conversation Between kozelkid and jp611

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  1. Kozy, I sent you an e-mail for the league to sign up.
  2. Not sure why he decided to be a giant dick about it.
  3. Manram
  4. Meh, it's frustrating, but as you correctly pointed out, it's how they were taught. I've had this argument with people of that generation in the past and there's no chance getting it through to them.

  5. The facts are true... What ****ing ********
  6. yessir
  7. Well I'd gladly pay the 30-40, but thousands is out of my range

    Is it
  8. I don't have it, but the current season is free for anyone, but I don't think you'd have access to videos. For past seasons, I'm pretty sure you need to pay and it's like 30-40 dollars a year. Then there's of course the scout edition that teams use, but that's like in the thousands range.
  9. Do you have synergy? I really want to get it but don't know how much it costs or where to even go to get it. Let me know if you know anything about it
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