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Conversation Between kozelkid and BCB mwat15

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  1. My bad, I guess I just missed your VM. I will have to pass. I don't think there is enough left at DE or DT for me to do it.
  2. Von and Watt swap?
  3. OTC in the Bears RD
  4. No disagreements. The only point I'd make is that I'd probably prefer to trade down if possible...
  5. We are just about up in the Mock Draft. Based on what I see on the board, Ogletree.
  6. Oh. Damn... thanks though.
  7. Oh, sorry. Pro Football Focus is the site, but is a pay site. You can find some of their rankings in some stories on the site. You can find some of the rankings on Rotoworld.
  8. Na, I'm referring to rankings for players in the NFL, like where Webb was ranked as 67th best or Melton as 6th best.
  9. I use National Football Post. Mayock's board is also available on Draft Tek is good as well IMO. There are some more but those are the first that I thought of.
  10. Yo, I'm having a major brainfart; what's the name of the NFL site that has really good player rankings?
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