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Conversation Between vikingsfan0845 and BigB4570

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  1. It's all good on my end too. Thx
  2. Ok here's the deal. I reposted a bunch of stuff that you posted about the players we drafted. When I posted the info on meeting the draft class of 2012 and the info about the UDFA's I just placed them in the draft section of the forum. I never read up on the rest of the forums spoting the other sections like the section specifically grading the Vikes Draft and the UDFA section.

    Then I just copied and pasted the info on Jacoby Jones so people knew what player was being referenced. Go back and look at the multi quote and my statement. I refer to the player as him so I copied and pasted the info on Jones so people reading knew the player that was being discussed.

    I'm sorry that you feel I'm purposely reposting the info that you post. I think you're one of the most informed posters on here and I would like to think that I do come up with some of my own posts and that I'm not just reposting the info you post.

    Have a great day.
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