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Conversation Between vikingsfan0845 and VCU4LIFEGOVIKS

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  1. I noticed your Zimmer quote. You interested in a Zimmer sig? I found some the other day
  2. Upton trade talk is heating up!
  3. If you need a catcher let me know. I figured you may want Saltalamacchia. Hes a better option at catcher then you currently have. If you have any interest in him let me know.
  4. Well atleast its on both ends. Axford blown up again last night. Seven runs in three games. You want to trade back?
  5. Of course I get Axford and in the first two games he gets blown up.
  6. Haha I accepted it and then all of a sudden there were like four more offers. If you are interested in anyone else let me know.
  7. I wasn't done sending you trade offers but I like that one
  8. Anytime bro. Let me know if you are willing to deal any of your closers. Almost everyone on my team is available. Not sure why I keep losing to guys who arent even active. I thought I had a good team.
  9. Thats cool. I just figured I would ask if you were interested before I deal him to somebody thats not a Braves fan.
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