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Conversation Between Iron24th and SteBO

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  1. Yep, the dwight trade surprised me, I thought all these rumors were BS, and then it happened, but it's still a long way to go, thunder is still the western team to beat and miami the team to beat.

    We'll see if we can gel, I hope.
  2. The Dwight trade hit you yet lol?
  3. Happy for you man, you're a great fan.
  4. I'm still kinda in shock, but yeah I should've listened to you. Miami played great. OKC will be a force for years to come....
  5. I told you it was your year SteBO!
  6. Congrats for you well deserved title dude!
  7. Yep, but I have a feeling this is your year.
  8. Lol we'll need it. OKC is tough....
  9. Good luck for the Finals buddy
  10. I have to admit, SA has a good chance this year, but who knows, talent and desire is on your side, it depends on Bosh's health too.
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