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Conversation Between TrueFan420 and NYKalltheway

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  1. i think you are up
  2. Join the hybrid soccer redraft-Sim league!
    Not much activity on your part is required in order to participate.
  3. I know I'm trying to make a trade give me a sec
  4. i believe you are up
  5. need a player who is primarily DM who can initate offenses as well. And there is one available. And I doubt anyone on this redraft has heard of him
    clue: you can't have him on your team
  6. I can think of a couple very good cm's that would be gone by now if not for the rule.
  7. yeah obviously. I'm probably going to draft the next best thing in that position when my turn comes
  8. Hahah yea sorry not moving strootman unless I'm blown away. Dude is having a monster year right now.
  9. ah crap, just saw you have Kolarov...
  10. Vidic =/= Strootman type of deal?
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