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Conversation Between TrueFan420 and TO Rapz

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  1. Hey could you do me a favor and put my team into the formation builder for some reason I can do it from my iPad and this is my only computer.
  2. Otc
  3. TO, pending hizp deal with D1rose... Me and hizp will be trading falcao for hummels
  4. Dude can you unlock the draft board there's hella of us on let us pick
  5. Yeah lol because I have Thiago Silva already. I mean, I would look to partner him up with him. Wasn't even thinking anything specifically really.
  6. Just mildly? Hahah ok well have anything in mind?
  7. I'm mildly interested in Jan Vertonghen.
  8. Well that settles that... I was still torn I know I told you vantonghen but I was still considering my other guy. He's more of a pure defender while vantonghen gets forward better but I couldn't decided so that works.

    Falcao, yaya, vantonghen... My spine is almost complete
  9. Very good start but I want attacking Brazilians but it never hurts having one on the top cb's in the game.
  10. Thiago Silva and Luis Suarez.
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