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Conversation Between TrueFan420 and D1RoseJM

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  1. you are up
  2. You're OTC
  3. Otc
  4. you are up
  5. pick
  6. you guys are up
  7. U up in soccer redraft
  8. exactly lol. i dont know if it's a bracket style or the lower seed faces the higher seed
  9. Western Conference:
    Soccer Re-Draft: (1)FC Saarbrucken vs (6) Juventus

    Soccer Re-Draft: (2)Panathinaikos vs (4) Toronto

    Eastern Conference:
    Soccer Re-Draft: (1)FC Barcelona vs (4) Lazio

    Soccer Re-Draft: (2)PSG vs (3) BVB

    i think its this one cause the one seed normally is matched up against the weaker team... unless this is a bracket style and then you'd have to follow the bracket
  10. hey, can you check that post that i did in the soccer redraft. which one of the standings is correct?
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