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Conversation Between TrueFan420 and cubfan23

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  1. Hey I have no clue who to take here. Zack loyd can play left or right so I don't mind taking him unless you rate jewsbury more. I can think of anymore cm's. Might take findley so we have a consistent striker off the bench. But we need another cm at some point. Any suggestions?
  2. Jack mcinerney?
  3. Hey so what do you wanna do? Idk if herc is a good idea. He's coming off an injury. And scores in bunches which isn't good I like my strikers more consistent. As well as the other strikers might be around later as the quality is all around the same. Was thinking Beasley might be best as he fits any formation we run and can be used as a LW or LWB
  4. Hey, so the draft starts on the 3 at 8am eastern but seeing as we have first overall I selected early. Was hoping for your thoughts but I went with Bradley. He's just too important to everything the us does and with him we can play just about any style while Donovan at his age is best suited under the striker and limits our tactics. Dempsey's in too poor of form to select and also limits our tactics. My user name on BS is the same as on here. Hit me up and we can talk about our next picks.
  5. I mean its a little too soon to know. But who do you wanna draft with the first pick. I'm leaning to Bradley cause he sets the tone and connects the backline to mid to forwards but at the same time donovan is such a creative force. Also it's in the us mens forum sticky on the top of the page
  6. Sure man.......what type of team do you want to build?
  7. Hey wanna be my partner in a us mens redraft on bigsoccer... I have the first pick. Torn on Bradley or LD

    it starts at post #87, the poster says its him and I think from reading several of his posts it'd be him.

    Here is his name:
  9. No way! How do you know/ what username
  10. so kind of random but I was on Big Soccer's forums and I know you said you check the Yanks Abroad forum but did you know that Mix actually posts on there in his own thread?
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