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Conversation Between TrueFan420 and hizpcstr

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  1. Your OTC
  2. yes send hoops and TO a message
  3. Saw you messages TO should I send him our deal of falcao for hummels pending the first deal?
  4. Hey D1rose is interested in him
  5. Try Carl he needs a good cm badly
  6. ill see if i can
  7. Damn I forgot about him that would kill it for me. Cause I don't have room for another cm.

    Is there anyway you could off load him first? We could turn in both deals at the same time so you don't have to worry about anyone backing out.
  8. you would have to take freddy guarin as well.
  9. Falcao would solve a lot of problems Di Natalie is done and jovetic is injured those two won't get you far. Falcao can take over games as a striker.
  10. What about falcao?
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