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Conversation Between SteelBlitz and BlueJayFanDan

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  1. Hey bud, I am interested in trading for McFadden. Despite the injury issues, I am willing to take a shot. What would it take to swipe him from you?
  2. Yeah, I agree. I love Wallace, but not at that cost. It would not be a good situation if it cost quite that much. I hope people realize it.
  3. Well thank you; I do feel like we are the only ones that understand the cap situation these guys wanting Wallace even at 8-10 million are crazy
  4. Yeah man, I understand. You are a kick *** poster though and we need you around.
  5. I'll try and be on more. It's tough between my job where I have no Internet access, keeping up with my blog, being on twitter and posting in here, but I'll see what I can do
  6. You are awesome. You need to post significantly more. Not in an annoying way where all your posts are 2 words and meaningless, but the way you currently post except far more often.
  7. You got it man. Love it lol!
  8. How about Director of Troll Patrol for the SteelPack government lol
  9. Good job reppin the Steelpack. I need to know your position on the Steelpack government .
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