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Conversation Between Dash and CubbieSteve

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  1. yeah yeah, i want us to lose btw, we've been winning ourselves out of a top 5 pick lately
  2. Walk Off Grand Slam.

    God bless you.
  3. Lol @ Ur Fat *** Pitcher
  4. dame mane u be playn softball cmon mayne das some ***** **** bruh

    unless u play in yo steve-o undergarmets
  5. Man cheeeeel out with mod powers. I aint tryin to be dat.

    But mayne imma eat my mac and cheese then wreck some fools at my softball game. I'm leavin the yard 2 times tonight take it to the bank
  6. Hight deh message under den ull get it bruh bruh bruh
  7. Viewing Index

    mAn chill out bruh u woont get mod powers
  8. Speaking of bacon, nice cow!

    uMAD cause I go invisble like teh cool cats
  9. Speaking of turf toe...sweet invisible mode BRAH
  10. lulz best will be fine this year.

    he had 5 td's the first 2 games of his career then he got turf toe on each foot, only time will tell Steven
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