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Conversation Between thedfactor and BlondeBomber41

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  1. You're up in the redraft
  2. your turn man
  3. Just picked, you're up
  4. At 10 am the draft starts again and if you are online you can remake that pick you made earlier. If you aren't, I'll make it for you as soon as I get online. Too bad the draft stalled like that.
  5. Not my fault, damn red team was late and all i saw was the pick after JLin
  6. Hey, it wasn't your pick. You still had Metrostars in front of you. Go edit out your last pick.
  7. Oh did I? lol didn't even notice my bad
  8. Lol don't use the draft thread to comment on picks
  9. I swapped their traded picks in the draft order, thought I'd let you know it's updated.
  10. Just saw, im surveying my options now.
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