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Conversation Between thedfactor and asmarks18

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  1. Should move all those pointless threads into the offseason thread.

    The trade dirk thread
    The Roddy at PG thread
    The Plan B and State of the Union thread
    Comparing Mavs roster to Nets thread
    and the dont panic thread.

    Forum is getting way too cluttered.
  2. Hey married man, where are you? Need you to post your rankings of the opposing conference you are in, in the mavs redraft.
  3. Not much interest in trading Rondo
  4. Does a package of Lawson or Ellis and Ilyasova for Rondo and your 12th interest you?
  5. he cant be skipped because his clock goes past midnight unfortunately.
  6. What time until we skip Metros? i want to pick before i crash for the night
  7. Yeah, I saw that last night. Weird.
  8. I should, will have to check my pc when I get home. What ever happened to the Facebook group page? I went to check it a few weeks ago and it was different and all the members besides us admins left. Oh well twitter is better.
  9. Do you still have the picture you used as the profile picture for the fb group? Would be sweet to use as the twitter picture.
  10. I'll set everything up tomorrow.
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