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Conversation Between 1_FrozenNetsFan and Bob_at_york

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  1. when did you receive this?
  2. Bob...I'm not really sure how to handle this but perhaps you could give me some insight. I received this private message from Matt.
    "MattS MattS is offline

    Join Date: Mar 2012
    Posts: 246
    I have
    forgotten more basketball then you will ever know in you life little guy... drop to your knees & blow me now... i am your master "
    Personally I find this offensive and rude but I'm not sure if this is the accepted norm with guys like him. If so I'll just forget about it. There have been multiple calls in different threads to ban him but it hasn't happened so I guess he's just an annoyance we have to live with. Perhaps you can tell me what would be your course of action. TIA
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