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Conversation Between Giaps and knicks4life33

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  1. you retired as a MOD?
  2. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  3. i started a appreciation thread in the nba forumn for moderators 2 days ago and shouted you out as the best mod in the game. just let you know
  4. Thanks. I appreciate the congratulations.
  5. congrats on becoming a mod . im doing what your telling me to do quality posts and changed my avatar and putting up good threads for Consideration and just to have a good vibe.
  6. I'm with you. Really want to beat the Heat at least once this season.
  7. not campagiaing asking you to just put out the good word lol lets get this W tonight
  8. What did we say about not campaigning?
  9. giapsssss you puttin in the good word about me
  10. Giaps you get promoted to Team manager and cant help the people who are tryin move up to moderator??? Im older then most of these posters and been on here for while and been watching knicks alot longer never the less since you are the TM i think your first decision should be to make me Moderator .
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