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Conversation Between showtym24 and Ty Fast

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  1. Mcnabb in red and gold= Instant contenders
  2. You could easily win that division and get a home playoff game which you could also win. I think however that is as far as you would go. I don’t think you will get a buy.

    What do you think of you guys getting Mcnabb?
  3. Yea if we have a very good draft i think we can reach the second or third round. Call me biased but thats how much faith i have in singletary and this team.
  4. i agree with you. 49ers are going to take the division. i dont know if you will make a lot of noise in the nfc next year, i think you guys are building something special. willis is a beast. there are lots of good nfc teams like the saints, boys, giants, eagles, vikings, ect, but they are all aging where as you guys are young. and it does not hurt you play in a **** division. i am sitting here typing this as i wear my brand new joe montana jersey. i feel 10 feet tall wearing this
    GO 49ERS
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