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Conversation Between VCU4LIFEGOVIKS and vikings4lifebro

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  1. That would be awesome if did end up a Viking but I don't think he would come here. Our QB situation is worse than his current one.
  2. Fitzgerald is on the trading block. Speilman should jump on this.
  3. I think Nolan is mad because his girlfriend likes me. Its not my fault Vcu. Lol
  4. **** Marcellius! He's not getting any chili this year.
  5. I hate Marcellius Wiley. He said we will be the worst team in the nfl. Im going to send him an email and tell him to go **** himself
  6. I really hope so buddy.
  7. i think we are going to surprise alot of people this year bro. skol vikings
  8. Thanks bro. I hope when you start pulling applications you hire me.
  9. You have the greatsest sig every buddy.
  10. I have always known you are a stand up guy V4LB. Your probably the classiest guy on here. That guy shouldnt be spamming the forum and will be dealt with though.
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