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Conversation Between mightybosstone and PocketKings

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  1. No thanks.
  2. You mentioned you had an interest in Enes Kanter. Could we do Kanter and a couple of pick upgrades for Dudley? Kanter would certainly be a defensive upgrade over Kaman.
  3. Otc.
  4. Go pick now.
  5. PM it.
  6. PK. I realize you're busy and you have a lot of things on your plate, but I really need an answer on this Chris Paul question, because I'm going to be gone most of the afternoon and evening. Would you like me to PM you our contingency plans or do you have another idea in mind?
  7. Oh crap..... I'm sorry. I didn't see you post this because you posted it on your own wall, so I posted it hours ago. Is there another way I can handle it? Do you want me to PM it to you instead?
  8. Hey. I'm about to put together a response to your Chris Paul questions, but I had a question of my own. For your first question, would it be all right to answer half of it and then PM you the other half? Since you're asking us about our back-up plans, we don't want to tip our hat to other GMs about which other free agents we may approach.
  9. So, have you met with Chris yet regarding his pitches? Can we anticipate an update sometime today?
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