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Conversation Between mightybosstone and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. Hey man. If you log on soon, our pick is up like right now.
  2. Sounds good, man. My next couple of weeks at work are going to be pretty nuts, but if you set one up, I should have a little time this weekend to chat. And I'll try to find a few minutes in the evenings as well.
  3. Should probably set up a chatzy or something so we can discuss picks.
  4. Yeah I am. And no worries, don't think it's started yet.
  5. Sure man. I'm up for it if you still are. Sorry for the late reply. I've been in Europe for the past week and just got back last night.
  6. would you be interested in Co-ing for the All-Time RD? I want to take more of a back seat this time so was looking for a Co.
  7. hey we need to do our ballot (if you're not around, I can send it in). Will be in the chatzy (assuming I can find it, you might have to resend it since I'm using a different computer now)
  8. hey we're up right now in the superhero redraft
  9. in the chatzy if you wanna discuss next pick, NBA strategy
  10. in the chatzy if you wanna discuss the pick
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