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Conversation Between mightybosstone and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. Nah. I've pretty much lost all faith in the guy as a legit No. 1 also. He showed flashes this season, but I kept waiting for the consistency and it just wasn't there. And the absolute no-show in the AFC title game was a complete joke, especially considering the Broncos' best cover corner missed the whole game. I like to think it was partly because he missed time to injury and couldn't develop chemistry with Brady, but the guy is just always hurt, so it's a bad excuse. If I'm the Patriots' front office, I'm looking to add a receiver in free agency or early in the draft, because their top two weapons are never on the field.
  2. So I know you were one of the few people who agreed with me about Amendola in the preseason. I thought he'd go for 1000 yards. But yeah, he can go **** himself. What a waste. Never been proven wrong/been as disappointed with a player as Amendola. I mean he's a good guy, hard worker and all but he just sucks. 0 catches in the AFCCG. Freakin Austin Collie had more catches...But yeah, Amendola is dead to me. I feel like personally betrayed cause I was so confident he'd be awesome this year.

    Anyways, yeah I know you were an Amendola supporter and maybe you can talk some sense into me. There's some rumors that he's lost Brady's trust though, which is pretty much the death sentence in NE.
  3. Yup, I'll be posting it shortly. I might wait for bais to come on so he can add a poll because I'm fairly certain I'll get the "fatal error" since both write-ups are very long.
  4. So, is our matchup getting posted today? KJ said he sent in the Bulls write-up.
  5. As soon as I get it from the Bulls, I can get it up. Although I'd like to wait for your current matchup to finish first
  6. Sweet! Is the matchup getting posted tonight?
  7. Yup, I got it from him.
  8. Did KOB not send it to you?
  9. Hey, if you guys can get your write-up in tonight (Bulls will be sending theirs in), I can get your matchup up tonight before I go to sleep. Obviously, it's not due tonight but the quicker we get it up, the better imo.
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