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Conversation Between mightybosstone and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. hey we're up right now in the superhero redraft
  2. in the chatzy if you wanna discuss next pick, NBA strategy
  3. in the chatzy if you wanna discuss the pick
  4. hey in the chatzy
  5. We're on deck btw
  6. in the chatzy now, crazy game btw!
  7. hey will be in the chatzy, can talk after the game if you want
  8. Cool. If you want to, we can chat a bit in the London ATRD chatzy. I'm pretty free most of the night until the Rockets game starts.
  9. Yeah I just posted the draft order. Being a bit relaxed about the clock since I didn't really make an announcement that the draft order was going up. But yeah, we can discuss picks.
  10. Actually, yeah. That would be a lot of fun, and it would be a lot less demanding than trying to do it solo. Has the game started yet?
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