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Conversation Between jetsfan28 and fanofphilly

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  1. bastard you're veto'ing my trade!!!!!
  2. Same. Even if Ryan Mathews decided to completely **** up my board. 17 went from Gronk or Charles to Fitz
  3. hahah nice true i changed mine up in spite of that though.... cant wait for the draft man!!! in either league im pumped

  4. When I was running 2 mocks and a ReDraft at the same time, it was nice to discourage people from going on my profile
  5. and holy mother fuqa.....i HATE your settings bright
  6. yeah man team keen wants back in and already paid he just hasnt signed up yet i sent him a txt though basically he promised me hes back in it for sure.... but if i dont hear from him Thursday im refunding his money and taking this guy if hes ok with it all lol

    If you already have someone for the main league, might want to check and see if he's interested in the keeper
  8. Hell yes
  9. its your spot u ready?
  10. Everything works for me. I'm starting a new job and might be moving that day, so I'm not sure I'd be able to be at the draft, but even if I can't I'm fine setting up a list, not too hard to make one extensive enough. But I think I should be able to be on for the draft.
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