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Conversation Between jetsfan28 and jetsforever

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  1. Hows life been treating ya?
  2. Yeah just a matter of him ruining the forum until then.
  3. Yup, not fun. But nothing you could do. He'll get himself banned for other reasons soon enough, those things usually take care of themselves.
  4. Oh yeah, I've been trying to get any sort of proof of that guy being him but just can't do much. its blatantly obvious and extremely annoying.
  5. I've noticed. I wouldn't be surprised if he were a certain guy that was recently banned 7 days, but I highly doubt there's proof so I'm just ignoring him.
  6. hahah. Imagine trying to investigate how many dupes ExRedskinsFan has made without it! He's starting to get a bit smarter you know!
  7. Ouch. That's funny, because I didn't get it until I asked for it, and probably wouldn't have if I didn't, since admins are human and obviously won't always remember to do that. Kind of impossible to run down the hundreds of kkolb alts without that.
  8. Yeah I asked him when I was going to get it and he got all snappy about how I shouldnt ask for power . Great times. I'm expected to moderate every football forum but cant check email similarities and birthdays!
  9. Wait, seriously? You don't have get it by default, he might not know you don't have it, you've been around long enough.
  10. SI hasn't given me enough powers to view emails and what not. I'm a bad mod I guess and cannot be trusted.
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