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Conversation Between Cubsrule and dbroncos78087

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  1. Go to

    Game ID: ProSportsDaily
    Game Name: PSD Politics Forum 2011
    Password: politics
  2. Oh i know. I fault him for roughly 10% of it. On the highlights he had no time on the 3 non-redzone passes. But the two redzone ones were just terrible throws. He will get better as soon as you guys dump about half that OL. Pace is a shell of a shell of his former self.
  3. True but when your line can't open any holes and the defense is able to get pressure and stop the run with a four man front, what do you expect, especially with no big time reciever.
  4. Haha yea, i wont lie after yesterday i was chuckling a little bit. But i do know that 90% of it is the OL and WRs. But the thing that i would be worried about is the redzone INTs. Neither of those in my opinion were pressure or the WRs. On the last second play with a TO left Cutler should have taken it up the middle. He would have probably gotten in the endzone and very surely made it to within the 1-2 yard line.
  5. I assume your talking about the Broncos I am still happy with the Cutler trade just not happy with our coaching or O-line
  6. Im feeling pretty good right now actually.
  7. Of course I am mad, I'm a Cubs fan
  8. I will say that the caps lock makes it seem like a mad man typed it.
  9. Yeah I lucked out on the pencil trick, I am still deciding on permanent text.
  10. Greatest sig ever. Both image and text.
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