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  1. Yeah, let's say, I expected the game to be more competitive then it was. they were just a better team and duke is pretty stacked, they were just more experienced. I don't think Elisas Harris is completely to blame, though he should be blamed for us losing that Wake forest game for him pulling that ******** stunt and getting thrown out of the game. He's only a Freshman, we have to give him time to develop and learn from his mistakes (though he has more experience then most freshman since he plays fr the german national team). But he's really impressed thus far, he's probably the most complete player we have on the team, he can rebound, score, post up, and get of his own shot pretty much anywhere on the floor. Though, the one part of his game that needs improvement is D, though he is only 6'7" playing PF so obviously guys will have size on him. I also think Steven Gray needs to step up on the scoring, he's disappeared in the big games against Wake Forest and Duke, he needs to step it up. I'm looking for us to make our case for the NCAA Tournament against Illinois, Oklahoma and Memphis. Pray we win at least 1 of these games.
  2. i almost puked watching the game against duke. What a POS game. Elias Harris needs less playing time. He has been killing us lately.
  3. Yeah, this season is going to be a challenge, if that game vs. Alberta college was any indication of what to expect, were going to be in trouble. We destroyed but the first half was real sloppy and it wasn't until late in the 1st half that we pulled away from them. I just don't think these freshman steping up enough to carry the offensive burden we lost in Austin Daye/Micha Downs/Jeremy Pargo/and Josh Heytvelt. Also I don't see Matt Bouldin as a go to guy, he's more of a 2nd or 3rd scoring option, this is just my opinion. Also Steven Gray is good but I think their asking a lot of him to step up on the offensive side. I also shutter at the idea of Robert Sacre getting more playing time, he's a legit big guy but man does he suck, LOL. Even Will Foster is expected to get more minutes, LOL, LOL >__<. But the schedule looks pretty rough, Michigan State in the 3rd game on the schedule. Then possibly facing Wisconsin or Arizona in the Maui invitational, will be a tuffy. Then obviously you see, Wake Forest, duke, Oklahoma, Illinois and Memphis on the schedule, we'd be lucky to get 1 win out of that group. As far as the division, I think the only team that will cause problems is Saint Mary's with Omar Samhan back for them, the big man, it should be an interesting year.
  4. hey man its that time of year again haha. I checked over the whole roster and we have like 8 or 9 freshman. Some are redshirts, but still. john stocktons son is on the team. But he is going to redshirt. read this article-

    GREAT read. Tells everything about all of the freshmen and what we can expect this year. Tells about our schedule too.
  5. Have been waiting all week for this game, it's going to be a good one. People been saying there's no one who can stop Tyler Hansbrough on our team but I think Josh Heytvelt is more then capable of stopping him. If all else, I think you can expect to see Robert sacre in the game if Josh Heytvelt picks up a few fouls early because their really is no one else who's a big who can guard Hansbrough. It sure as hell ain't going to be Austin Daye or Micah Downs, LOL. Plus, all hell would break lose if Will Foster got in the game.
  6. Just like we hoped, UNC tomorrow!!!! Oh wow i'm gonna be going nuts during that game
  7. I think Western Kentucky could be tough, their offense is real spread out, just like ours. There bench ain't that great, but ours isn't great as ell but I think Steven Gray culd be the X-factor in that game. Also, Josh Heytvelt should have a field day down low, they have no real size on the frontline so if we go to him a good portion of the game, we should be pretty well off. But I'm just happy we made it past the 1st round. UW did as well.
  8. Wasnt a very pretty game until less than 10 minutes in the game we pulled away. Your boy Austin Daye sorta showed up. He had 3 quick blocks in the beginning of the game. He had to finish with at least 4. Josh was a beast down low. Everything he tried to do was working for him. Except the long range shots. he missed a couple of those. Micah Downs didnt show up at all. I dont know why. Now we face the winner of the Western Kentucky and Illinois winner.. That game is going on right now, but #12 Western Kentucky is about to beat #4 Illinois. Biggest upset of the tourney so far. But still I'm not too scared ha
  9. Yeah especially are part of the draw is stacked with some pretty good teams. i could see Western Kentucky beating illinois and having to face them in the 2nd round. But yeah, i'm with you, I want to play UNC so bad, i think are starting 5 matches up decently against UNC but the bench may kill us, All we got is Steven Gray & Demetri Goodson & their both guards. I could so see Mississippi State bouncing UW in the 1st round and I wouldn't even call it that big of an upset. Portland State's good but man are they undersized on the frontline. But then again, so is Xavier so it should be a good game.
  10. Pretty much any team in the tourney is gonna be tough. But yes Akron is one of the tougher bubble teams. I agree about St. Mary's, they got snubbed big time. Now they get to face WSU in the first round of the NIT haha i thought that was funny. When they were announcing the brackets, i didnt really care what seed we got, just as long as the game was in portland. And we got that location so thats awesome. UW is my 2nd fav team (always have been) so i'll be pullin for them as well. 6 teams made it from the Pac-10, not too shabby. Wouldnt that be awesome tho to play UNC??? Oh gosh i would love to beat them to show them who is the offensive juggernaut in the country haha. My sleeper pick is Portland State. That 5'5 guy and Phil Nelson are beasts on the court
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