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Conversation Between Punk and PatsSoxKnicks

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  1. Melo's definitely better than Lebron though. Lebron sucks, Melo is better at everything than Lebron, even defense.
  2. I'm totally serious dude. Melo is better than MJ. He can score in so many different ways. More than MJ can. He's a better passer. He's a better rebounder. He's just better. Don't you agree?
  3. Not sure if serious? lol
  4. Tyson Chandler is also better than Shaq or Kareem. He's such a beast. DPOY
  5. Don't you feel like Melo is better than Michael Jordan? He's the GOAT. Seriously. Larry Bird and Magic suck compared to Melo. Dude's AWESOME.
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