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Conversation Between TheFuture6 and D-Train#35

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  1. I saw you on my friends list and I got a boner. Just saying.
  2. Are you in the NHL re-draft?
  3. It basically sucks but I've been coming around more. Why dont you ever go on aim The Freezy Sizzle?
  4. Right. This site is so much different now.
  5. Chillin', missin' you, or more specifically the old days of PSD.
  6. Dontrizzle.

    What up B?
  7. you would kick my ***, you sir a a monster
  8. You wanna fight?
  9. ...
  10. you appeared on my friends list and i just clicked on your name and it said frendship requested. Thats wierd imo.
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