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Conversation Between DBR96A and Norm

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  1. No answer eh?
  2. I've been dying to ask you. So how is the worst OC in the NFL last year doing so well with a rookie QB and an almost rookie cast + Wayne?
  3. Arrrowhead used to be some other forum that was always spammed. So they just censored it. Stupid if you ask me. I've complained about it plenty but they don't care.
  4. Lol what
  5. frtykbldjrktjsdrkl;vhxftvgxdnjkgxdrlgvjdl;hbmt
  6. What do you think about adjust yards per attempt for stats? I get the feeling when you look at that, it's very close to what my eyes tell me for ranking Qbs
  7. I'm not trying to fight with you btw, I respect you as a poster. You're a knowledgeable guy.

    I'm just tired of the NFL main being 50% Spygate. Just hoping in some small part this can shut some of that up.
  8. I think I was the only one willing to take your bait and allow myself to look like a fool. I gave er a shot anyways,
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