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Conversation Between Sick Of It All and Ebbs

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  1. What happened to the GoT thread?
  2. Can you add these to the Robert De Niro poll?

    Jack Byrnes - Meet the Parents/Fockers
    Turk - Righteous Kill
  3. When you get a chance can you sticky the final movie redraf thread and unsticky the other 3?
  4. Want to sticky the three movie redraft matchups in the entertainment forum?
  5. you can close the sign up thread! Also you never signed up. But you seem pretty busy so I put you with PL.
  6. I thought we already have threads sticky in those forums already.
  7. We need more interest in the movie draft! Can you sticky a thread in the gd and music forum like we did for the info on the draft.
  8. Yeah, I will take care of it.
  9. You want to close the info thread.
  10. can you sticky the redraft sign up?
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