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Conversation Between Celts22 and tomsa592

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  1. I could be interested in a Colaiacovo/Lydman swap
  2. Still interested in Fleischmann, who do you like? I have Penner, Mac, Little who could be traded to you
  3. youre up
  4. Eh, I think I'm all set, I thought of a bunch of guys I could use. Thanks for letting me know though
  5. Let me know if you want my 15th, in the midst of trade talks and don't know what direction to go.
  6. ugh, ok, if you change your mind, let me know
  7. I think i might just keep my picks...
  8. WOuld be interested still?
  9. Hey, my guy is till on the board and I'll definitely do the 14, 19, 20 for 15, 17, 18 deal you wanted if my guys is there
  10. Alright cool, ill contact you when it gets closer if my guy is still on the board
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