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Conversation Between Celts22 and SensandRaps

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  1. Ok fair enough.
  2. nah man he isnt moving unless i get a crazy overpayment
  3. Not really interested in Higgins, I do like Callahan though...
  4. any chance you want to flip hornqvist for higgins? gives you more of a playmaker to put with hank and carter which imo is a better fit + you can now play the chemistry card for hank and higgins
  5. yeah they both are available what did you have in mind?
  6. Interested in Carlson & Hamilton, are either available?
  7. yeah send it here ill make the picks dont worry
  8. I'm about to head to work, can I send you my list? I've got picks #537 & #538.
  9. Send me a proposal, I'm at work til 5:30 and will get back to you on it when I'm out.
  10. you are up in the redraft
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