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Conversation Between ari1013 and dbroncos78087

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  1. It is a clever way to hide the truth in plain sight.
  2. you and your owlie ways!
  3. I left a message in white.
  4. oh that's stupid. oh well. I thought it was funny.
  5. I asked BMD if i could put the Obama Package image in the thread about the stimulus, but he said since black people are stereotyped to have larger "packages" it would be racism.

    (He was joking, dont worry).
  6. Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Shush, that sounds like anti-Reagan sentiment. I might have to write you a Fox-alert.
  8. That's so ********. It's not an X ---> Y relationship. It's a X happened and luckily Y also happened.
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