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Conversation Between MooseWithFleas and LionsFan..LOL

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  1. Very cool. Best of luck sir. Hope everything continues to go well. Keep me updated!
  2. Glad to hear that. Same here pretty much.

    Yeah I graduated this past semester. On to the University where I finally get into the film portion of my edumacation.
  3. My old infractions and bans have been expunged? Yay!

    Everything is well here. Hope all is well with you. When do you graduate?
  4. Nada. Just bored surfing through people's user notes/infractions and I thought I could see the old wild Moose. Sadly damn PSD erased that chapter So I figured since I'm here I'd stop by and see what is going with you?
  5. What up buddy?
  6. Hi
  7. Thanks LF!!!! Hope everything is well
  8. Thanks LF!!!! Hope everything is well
  9. Happy b-day!
  10. Yeah for the summer portion. House work and what not needs to be completed. I'm hoping to be back full time August at some time.

    I'll be here and there just not for long sittings at a time. PSD is gonna miss us
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