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Conversation Between MooseWithFleas and Bellz

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  1. Can I count you in for the be the booker game ? I just started a list.. Im going to try and get about 14-16 people to play.
  2. Dont post till Jaydes comes in.... Need to stale
  3. May have to be 730 lol
  4. Yes that'll be fine
  5. Hey can we move it up the sit down to 7? Lemme know if that time works for you
  6. Bombshell dropped!
  7. Hey Moose if the poll for pg era star #2 ends up in a tie can you keep open till 8 am thursday?
  8. Even get to troll Yosef in his own game. Thanks Moose
  9. Could you come save the OTT thread of post padding before it gets shutdown? Please uncle moosey
  10. oo =(
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