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Conversation Between MooseWithFleas and jrm2054

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  1. Wanna join a yahoo fantasy league 10 teams with other wrestling forum guys. I don't think your in the Espn one and we want different guys.
  2. Hey can you clean up the fantasy league forum so it is ready for our redraft? Also any chance of me getting TM powers in that forum so I can close and open things and edit stuff NBA makes? I already put up some of the threads for ours
  3. Cool hope these guys get the picture this time and don't ruin it again
  4. I'll open it at 12.
  5. Is the OTT opening at midnight or later Monday
  6. Thanks man
  7. Bout time you became TM! Congrats
  8. MITB i thought you said it would be announced today. Any update?
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