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Conversation Between GREATNESS ONE and More-Than-Most

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  1. The matchups are coming! Make sure to come show support for EMBEAST!!! And MJ!
  2. They’re hating!!!! I knew you would appreciate the team! I even drafted Phil Jackson to be the Head Coach! Lol
  3. I love the size and defense thats for damn sure Wow. Gasol is hella underrated as well.
  4. PG- Gail Goodrich/Mark Jackson
    SG- Micheal Jordan/Kyle Korver
    SF- Ron Artest
    PF- Pau Gasol/Sam Perkins
    C- Tyson Chandler/Joel Embiid

    Head Coach- Phil Jackson 11x NBA Champion

    Hey what do you think of my ATRD team?
  5. Lol did you see tonights game... I honestly dont hate lonzo... I only hate the celtics. I just think he is meh right now.
  6. Not too late to admit you were wrong about Lonzo! =)
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