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Conversation Between GREATNESS ONE and valade16

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  1. You know it!
  2. You taking MJ?
  3. My 1/2 round picks for Gopher’s 1st overall and last pick in the draft.
  4. Trade made V
  5. You're otc brotha
  6. Your turn to pick.
  7. Group 2 is now open for bidding. Remember, this group (and all remaining groups) are 24 hours, NOT 48 hours. The deadline is 1:00 pm EST (10 am pacific) tomorrow.

    This will be my last reminder. From now on it is your responsibility to check in and send you bids within the deadlines.
  8. No maximum bid but be wary, every player will cost at least $3 since that is minimum bid.
  9. Thanks! And no maximum bid right?
  10. Only $200
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